Benjamin Maximus .177

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Benjamin Maximus .177

Postby Pop Van » Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:59 am

I have seen no mention of the Benjamin Maximus (Bmax) on this forum. I guess I will be the first. This is obviously a non technical, non professional review. My one year birthday as an air gunner is in October. Happy Birthday to me. I bought a Bmax in December of last year for $159.99 (my first pcp) from Amazon along with a pump. I had a couple of issues with a leak and a bad barrel which Crosman very professionally addressed and fixed. Great customer support.

All of the Mods that I have done have been a result of reading forums and watching Youtube. I am sure that this is true with many of you. My first mod was a TKO moderator ($65) which removed the rim fire bark from my Bmax and made it back yard friendly. Another barrel band ($8) was added as well as a trigger mod from Baker Airguns ($22) and a swiveling bipos ($36). All of these mods and add on's definitely improved the Bmax's performance. I also own a Gen ll Benjamin Marauder .177 and a Hatsan Mod 125 .177 break barrel, but my love is the Bmax.

My Bmax loves cheap pellets. Crosman Premier 10.5 and 7.4 gr. The Benjamin hollow point 7.9 and yes the Winchester hollow point 9.79 gr. I buy the pellets from Amazon, on sale at less then one penny a pellet Prime, so shipping is free. My chronograph says that the Bmax launches Crosman Premier 7.4 gr pellets at an average of 900fps. Using a pellet pen has made loading the single shot a breeze. I used a hand pump for a couple of months before graduating to a scuba tank. The hand pump is certainly manageable at my 71 years but the tank is faster and obviously much easier. I wish I had opted for the scuba tank first. The cost for the tank and fill station were about the same as a pump at $200 from Amazon. It costs me $10 to get the tank filled at a local dive shop and an online calculator says I should get 88 fills. That's just pain out cheap shooting.

I shoot about every day at home made reactive targets in my back yard. I use soup and tea spoons purchased from the Salvation Army (10 cents) beaten flat, painted hunter orange and hung with 50 lb fishing line from trees in my back yard. I also purchased 4 novelty cow bell that are approximately 2 inches square from Amazon ($6). The soup spoons, by my reckoning are about the size of a squirrel or rabbits head. Target distances are from 30 to 54 yards with a couple of acres of thick woods as a back stop. I have no problem hitting any of these with the Bmax resting on the rail of my deck. A great testimony of the Bmax's accuracy. On occasion a pest bird or two have died of lead poisoning while wondering through my back yard. I am looking forward to shooting my first squirrel in 40 years.

Like most people at my age, i live on a fixed income. The purchase of my Bmax was an extravagant investment in my fun. I am not used to spoiling myself, but I must admit i'm having a lot more fun for my money then I thought was possible. I highly recommend the Bmax. It is touted as an entry level pcp. Price wise it certainly is, however it's performance out distances the price by miles. They say, who ever they are, that you get what you pay for. I say I got much more then I payed for. Fun and food that doesn't break the bank.

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